1968 Dodge Dart Keith Black All Aluminum Street Hemi
Body Type: Coupe
VIN: LH23B8B439975
Exterior: Silver
Interior: Black
Engine: 505ci Aluminum Hemi
Transmission: 727
Numbers: 3.91
Mileage Shown: 0
(Actual Mileage Unknown)
Body Numbers:
Options: Power Steering: No
Power Brakes: No
Power Seats: No
Power Windows: No
Air Conditioning: No
Radio: No
Stock Number: K17-754
Price: $59,900  
1968 Dodge Dart Keith Black All Aluminum Street Hemi
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This is not your usual '68 Dart Super Stock clone. At only 5 lbs of boost, this engine makes over 650 RWHP on pump gas, has a fully auto 727, 3.91 gears and a SureGrip, and drives quite well, given its potential for violent acceleration. It started with a very solid Southern body, stripped it to an empty shell, and began a meticulous restoration. The interior is classic Super Stock Dart, with window regulators removed, Super Stock seats and brackets added, and rear seat removed in favor of a metal divider panel. Custom-made the roll cage, but since this car was never really intended to see a lot of track time, it was designed for comfortable operation and ease of entrance and exit. As the photos depict, everything about this car is extraordinarily well done, and no corners were cut. And while the body is laser-straight, and the Mercedes silver pearl paint is outstanding, the engine may be this car's most unique feature. It is a 504" Stage 3 Keith Black aluminum block with fully-ported raised-exhaust port blower heads, originally built by Dick Landy Industries, and repaired/refreshed by them in 1996.It sat in its original shipping crate until 2010, when it was purchased it for this build. Lot of mods to the engine's cooling passages to get it to cool on the street. Installed a smaller cam (spec'd by Rich Nedbal), slowed the blower down, and removed the alcohol Dominators in favor of gasoline 950s. The rest of the engine is exactly as it left DLI. It idles good at 850 RPM, but pulls strong to 7, 00. With a shift-kitted auto valve body and high-upshift governor, the car drives good with no banging, but would be faster with a manual valve body that would let it use the engine's full range. As it sets, with a little traction, this car will easily run in the 10s. And that is with the big 10/71 blower, extremely under-driven to produce less than 5 lbs of boost to accommodate pump gas and to reduce inlet temperatures while driving.Guaranteed; wherever you take this car, there will NOT be another one like it!!!
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